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The email said that Z does all the marketing, writing, and selling for you—all you do is give it some basic information about your business, and then turn it loose.

It seems that Z will build your marketing list in real time, actively pushing people through your sales funnel and up to your website to buy things from you. It's fully automated, so there's no need for you to do anything except share it with people who might be interested in buying products or services like yours.

You can see why this woman 28 days from being homeless, about to have her water and power cut off and asking for food at churches was getting excited, right?

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You really need to see what real customers are saying, so I want to share some videos with you from members...

They sent these in from the members area:

Brian Rooney

Mike Ton

Bobbi Ludwig

Scott Mowry

Ron Helms

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Mike G.


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