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Mike G


I don't think it's any secret, I think the whole world knows that videos sell, and sell very well.

It's my job to help you become better at what you do and more successful with InvitationToJoin, and I am 100% committed to that goal.

Over the past several weeks I have held numerous contests and awarded prizes for the best videos submitted and we now have an absolutely gorgeous, powerful, and concise InvitationToJoin video. And now, I can customize this video JUST FOR YOU!

So easy to use

When you get your custom video from us, you can use it to post at any of your social media sites... very powerful. Or, send the link by email, or even include the link in any ad you ever promote.

You should have every one of these customized for you, you really should. It's all about tapping in to the psychology of the sale, the right kind of funnel to build on the internet.

People love watching videos, they will watch a video faster than they will read an email every time. It's just the way we are all conditioned.

Here's the exact video that you can order customized for you:

InvitationToJoin Intro Video!


The customization means we will 'close' with the final screen of that video with your contact information built into it. (Play the video and fast forward to the end to see how it works!) So you do not have to post underneath it or otherwise give additional instructions on who the video is from, how to get a hold of you, etc., etc., etc.

This custom video simplifies the entire process for you. And each custom video will come to you with a unique link just for you, further simplifying the marketing process for you.

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There are four pieces of information on the order form, two are required for your custom video, two are optional. For example, your link and your email address are required. Your name and your phone number are optional. I strongly recommend you use all four.

Very few people will ever call you. Those that do are the most serious and in excess of 90% of the time that they do call, it's just to see if you area real person. Sometimes they'll have a question, and even then those questions are usually just to confirm you are a real person and they are not being sucked into some scam.

You can watch the above video if you want, or just go to the order form and purchase the custom version, but you really should have this in your marketing arsenal for InvitationToJoin.


Mike G

Michael T. Glaspie "Mike G"
Net Marketers Call Me Their "Secret Weapon!"


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What others are saying!

Hi Mike,

Very happy to it is very professionally created no hype no BS just facts presented in plain English in an entertaining and inspirational format. Adding credibility to anyone who utilises this powerful communication by showing accountability and accessability.

Totally affordable as one time flat fee for unlimited ability to promote with instructions on how to maximize ROI and raise awareness of this great opportunity to benefit people globally. Everyone helping each other as it should be.

Know video has been reposted, shared, retweeted, and upvoted on other social media belong to and have received positive feedback from all sources.

Even though cant guarantee signups were directly from video have noticed steady increase in signups from time I promoted it as credibility factor increased.

Jenny Shippen


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