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"Profiting Through Technology"

Available to Anyone

Before a few juicy details, please consider this:

If you are a history buff like I am, you can look back through hundreds of years and discover countless examples of "advances in technology" that created incredible wealth for those who SAW IT, UNDERSTOOD IT, and JUMPED ON IT.

Why don't we begin with this antique example, the Gutenberg press.
Those who saw the potential of the future of printing information became wealthy book publishers. They became wealthy newspaper magnates, and many went on to build 100+ year old media empires.

How about this one?

Again we are turning the clock back some...

Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin. Don't think for a moment his invention was just a faster way to pick cotton. His invention spawned an entire industry alive and well to this day. That industry of course is mechanized farming implements. Everything from tools to plow, tools to plant, tools to harvest, and the powerful air conditioned tractors to pull them. Again, an entire new way of life based upon one first and new invention just like the printing press.

Consider this.

I have at my disposal, in fact we use it every single day, a technology which allows us to look at a particular crypto exchange and see the most recent purchase price on however many coins we program into the software. And it does this in milliseconds, call it real-time.

You can see an example of this software in action, right now, on a login page once you create your free membership, at www.ICANLearnAutoTrade.com.

It's the "ticker"!

Just like a stock exchange ticker, real time sale prices, amazing!

Now let me stretch your imagination a little bit, so hang in there with me.

Imagine tweaking this software to look at those same coins and their most recent sale price (remember, in real time) but at 50 different exchanges or more. Did you know that the price of any one of the crypto currencies being traded today will vary in price from one exchange to another depending on "VOLUME."

Keep in mind for this example not all exchanges carry all of the same coins.

Now imagine coupling this software that has been tweaked, and by the way it exists right now, and connecting it to another algorithm aka software, which executes an instant purchase at the lowest possible price the software sees for (name your coin) and then instantly sells that same coin at the exchange that just recorded the highest sale price. All within milliseconds - the purchase and the sale.

It buys at one exchange and sells at another instantaneously.

This software is in use right now.

And it is the essence, it is the machinery behind the opportunity I have been calling the "Monster" program.

Moving forward I will identify this particular program as "Monster #1".

Next, I want you to consider this which is very real right now. And this is a point I want you to completely understand it, because everything I am talking about is a whole new paradigm. A new way of thinking about money.

Years ago people were taught to think differently about the printed page and look at what we have today.

They were taught to think differently about picking cotton via a machine and look at what we have today.

They were taught to think about being able to write a letter to someone anywhere on the planet and send it without a postage stamp and having it received instantly... That's right - email.

Please please understand all of this.

Throughout history there have been hundreds of these paradigm changes, each one making fortunes for those who had a chance to "see" and be a part of. This is another one of these changes in progress today.

This is how the rich get richer. They are not any smarter than you or me. They have just taught themselves to "look for those new trends in any technology."

So, consider artificial intelligence. If we as a civilization can teach software how to drive an automobile and "learn" from the experience as it goes. And we can use software to fly an aircraft with a pilot sitting at a desk, and I'm not just talking about drones. A lot more is coming, I promise.

Why can't we use this technology, Artificial Intelligence, to do so much more for us. WE CAN AND WE ARE RIGHT NOW.

Hence, Monster #2

Monster #2 is an amazing AI driven program making incredible money for just a few as I write this update to you. I have been invited to participate.

Let me sum all of this up for you.

Monster #1 is still in development (not the technology but the website that brings the opportunity to you and me).

I am told we can participate in Monster #1 for as little as a one-time payment of $40. This of course will be the minimum and this number may change, I'm not sure, but even if it does you will be able to start your own pool of your own partners and share in the rewards of Monster #1. I will teach you how to do this when the time comes. In fact as a Trilogy member I will teach you everything.

Monster #2 is consuming an enormous amount of my time currently however I am in the midst of putting it together - forms, agreements, etc. and will announce it soon.

The 3rd and final program of the Trilogy is up and alive as we speak, however...

It is the strategic implementation of the three which will lead to maximum impact on your financial future.

Not so much which one you become part of first but how you approach it.

Do it right as I will teach you, and one will fund the other, and the other will fund the third.

Why such a long update regarding this one topic?

I think you can tell by now this is not just a 'back up plan' this is a final get to where all of us dream, and do it right and do it smart.

Now, because I only publish these updates once a week on Wednesdays as you know, I need a way to communicate with 'Trilogy Partners' on a much faster basis as things progress.

Hence I have setup a form asking you to join me with your name, email, and cellphone number (for instant text messages), and physical address - even if international it's not a problem.

Here is that form

Not joining me on this form does not mean I will not discuss with you any one of these three programs. I just simply will not be able to do it as fast or as completely as I can if I have your other contact information.

Trust me please, speed will be an asset to you in these deals.

Trilogy partners will be invited to drop-of-the-hat special teleconferences, zoom calls, and other things that are scheduled and need to be done before the next update goes out.

Also, Trilogy partners will receive a great deal more detail as we go along as I do not wish to monopolize these updates with the kind of specifics I will provide my Trilogy partners.

Emails I send to Trilogy partners will always use the subject line starting with "Trilogy."

I will look forward to having you as a Trilogy partner, things are going to happen in a big way, you will see. Here's the form again.

-John Bradshaw

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