Jan 13 2023 12 PM eastern

I'm sorry. Im convinced this program scamed us.
You and me! As of this morning at 9AM eastern the wallet address the company used to pay members from was cleand out of 187 BTC which was in there yesterday.
I have learned some people put in more than they should risk and for thier losses I'm sorry . But in my defense I did, on this page give 2 reasons for my trepidations.
And ...
I Made this statement exactly as this also below;

"However, I do strongly recommend, because of the two reasons I have very carefully pointed out, you deposit with this company what you can afford to lose in the worst case scenario. "

Very important, I will I promise, help you recoup any losses.

In just 2-3 days I will be announcing a new program. This program is nearly as good as the Monster #1 program still in development.

This program will be called "NEW Temp Trilogy."

It will not come with the warnings the DC-BTC project below came with.

This company has a partnership agreement with Binance, the largest crypto exchange, and Binance has control of the wallet. Meaning all funds made under arbitrage trading are under the control of Binance.

Additionally, the "New Temp Trilogy" program has a physical presence, meaning a real office in the New Jersey, and have duly registered their corporation, again subject to U.S. laws.

I like this program A LOT! Although it is almost as good as Monster #1 still in development it will do nicely while we await the final site to be developed by the operators of the Monster #1 program.


Jan 12 2023 1 PM eastern

Effective immediately, I will post at the top of this page: www.InvitationToJoin.com/TempTrilogy
any "new" details I have regarding Temp Trilogy #1.

As of 11:00am this morning when clicking on my link, I am now getting a "timed out" message. This does not necessarily mean the site has been taken down.

Technically what it means is the server the site is on has been found but it is taking too long to respond. That said it could mean the site was taken down. I just do not know.

My tech says if a website does not exist a 'timed out' message is usually NOT the error a visitor receives. Instead a typical message is "the page you are looking for does not exist or is not available."

Here's my take though: This company did a entire re-launch and makeover of their program January 1, and I joined January 2. They immediately began paying me every day referral commissions and every other day ROI, without fail.

My last bitcoin payment from them was Tuesday the 10th.

Wednesday morning, the 11th, I checked the site and it was there at 9:00am Eastern.

An hour and a half later I received the Error message 523 which meant "A Network device between Cloudflare and the origin web server doesn't have a route to the origin's IP address"

And now, as of some time last night, the "Timed Out' error message, a "522".

If this company has scammed us it just doesn't add up, it doesn't make sense to me, but it's possible. You see, if their intent was to scam why would they for the first 9 days pay everyone who joined everything in that members account on schedule. And if they were scamming you would think they would have built a system where they only paid ROI hanging on to the original contribution.

Also, if they scammed us, why for just nine days?

And here's the big question I ask... I checked the blockchain and the wallet address they pay members from as of 11:00am this morning, there is 187 Bitcoin with a value of $3.34 million. So if they intended to pack up and leave town why would they not clean out the money from this account and cash in?

Bottom line, I just do not know but I will begin reporting anything new above this announcement at this /TempTrilogy site.

If there is nothing new when you revisit, it means I have not found out anything else.

But as this situation continues to develop - good or bad - I will let you know WHEN I have NEW news.

One final comment, if they did scam us, I did express my reservations about joining this program at this site, the only site I ever talked about it. See below.

Lastly, I have another program while we wait for the really big Monster #1 to develop, that I have been thinking about using as a new Temporary Monster #1, and I suspect I will tell you about that soon. The numbers are nice, not as good, but appears to be a safer program and that is indeed a very positive thing.



Good news!

The program I described in great detail for you below is paying me on time like clockwork.

They pay me every day, ie; every 24 hours, modest referral commissions.

Remember: 5% Level 1 | 3% Level 2 | 1% Level 3

And they are paying me the 10% every two days (obviously equalling 5% per day), every two days. Actually it's not exactly every 48 hours but around every 48 hours when my phone dings with a notice from my TrustWallet account I have received a payment.

The Bad news

They are paying me the expected 10% every two days like clockwork shortly after the 48 hour closes.

But... When they pay it they send to me 100% (my initial donaton + the 10%)... meaning everything that is in my account with them.

I had hoped the company would only pay the 'new' ROI every 48 hours but no. Essentially they pay everything in the account and therefore, I, we, meaning us, need to be 'johnny on the spot.' In other words, login to our exchange wallet, whichever you are using, and resend all of it (that's what I'm doing), or part of it (totallly up to you), right back to them so they may continue helping us continue with the compounding and making money with our money on a daily basis.

I hope they change this function and allow us to withdraw whatever amount we want whenever we want and begin automatically just adding our 5% per day to our account balance. That said, it's great to know they are sending it all back with every payment and not running away with our moolah.

Bottom line, with this program you must be diligent. Basically every two days when you receive your money from them you need to login to your exchange where they send your money and send it back to keep the process rolling.

I've had some questions on setting up the TrustWallet account, here are a few instructions you may find helpful...

Crypto wallets (like TrustWallet) and Exchanges are two different things. Crypto exchanges are like online marketplaces where people can buy, sell, and trade crypto. A crypto wallet is a piece of software or hardware that can be used for storing, receiving, and sending crypto.

If you do decide to use TrustWallet you can transfer BTC in from another Exchange wallet to fund it OR if you don't have an existing Exchange wallet you can use a debit card to fund your TrustWallet account. When doing so you will need to use a 3rd party Exchange and go through KYC verifying who you are. As we are unfamiliar with all 3rd party Exchanges listed by TrustWallet we recommend Binance.connect or doyour own due diligence on any you wish to use.

Once you have the funds in BTC in your TrustWallet you will need to then go to:

And enter your "Receive" BTC address to "Join / Login"

This will create your own referral link. It will also take you to a page where it shows a "system address" which is the address you will need to send BTC to.

So then you'll copy that address,
go back to your TrustWallet,
click on SEND at the top,
choose "Bitcoin",
paste that address in the first box,
in the 2nd box choose the amount of BTC to send then click on "continue" at the top.
(this is done as a BTC value, not $ value, so for example if you enter 0.006 BTC it would be equivalent to about $101 in US dollars as of this writing).

If you use the 0.006 then in 2 days or so (depends on time of day you put in your donation) you would receive back to your TrustWallet account 0.0066 in BTC.
(They payout the full amount so you manually need to go back in and do this about every two days to get the 10% every 2 days).

If you have notifications set up with TrustWallet just wait until you receive that notice and turn it around, instead of continually checking it throughout the day.

Now here again, is a repeat of all the details for this opportunity that I sent earlier this week. Remember, using technology to make money with your money is a totally new paradigm, I hope you will embrace it.

I hope by now you realize "Trilogy" is all about the new paradigm, quietly, but assurdly taking a foothold in the conscience of the esoteric few.

For the last 25 years every opportunity I have ever offered in one way or another required the participant to promote or sell something.

It's now a new world for those wiling to "SEE" it. Make money with your money thru technology. Enjoy this update.







Listen to my 38 minute recording of this information at this link:

For the first time ever an opportunity to make serious income that requires you to sell nothing.

As you know I have been harping on the new economic paradigm which once you embrace it - you do not have to understand it - can make you wealthy.

If you'd like a refresher course on the technological developments happening right now on the global economy ie; THE WORLD OF MONEY, please read www.InvitationToJoin.com/trilogy

This program is NOT, I repeat NOT, an official one of the three Monster programs I have talked about.

Monster Program #1 is still in development. The site is not done. However I do know it is in process because I can see the enormous funding happening with the company developing Monster program #1 online.

What I am about to present to you is a program very similar to Monster Program #1.

1. This company is located internationally somewhere in Europe. Which means if the proverbial you-know-what hits the fan your chance of recovering your money is next to zero. Hence, read my 'advice' paragraph below. The official Monster Program #1 (yet to happen) is a company registered as a corporation in the United States, which means they must operate under U.S. laws! A huge plus!

2. This company requires you send them your - and they call it a donation, which I'm sure is done for legal reasons under the laws in whatever country they are in - directly to their wallet address. Hence, again my advice paragraph below.

An important quick note here: Giving out your wallet address does not give access to your account to any exchange you belong to so it is safe to provide your wallet for any exchange you belong to for any company or person you wish to have payment received from in cryptocurrencies.

Is there an elephant in this room?

At the site the company talks briefly about the Madrovi brothers.

These two men were convicted of fraud and sent to jail. One of them is deceased, the other is still behind bars.

These brothers developed the original genius algorithm which has become the underlying platform this company uses. This company acquired this brilliant algorithm modified it, to accommodate today's exchange protocols and adapted it so as to totally automate the entire program including the 3-level referral bonus platform.

Okay, here is what I DO like about this company...

Everything is 100% automated.

They are using a very sophisticated algorithm of which I am very very familiar with. I know how it works. And in no small part it involves arbitrage trading where the company purchases BTC (Bitcoin) for a lesser price at a smaller exchange (one with less volume) and ALSO quite often exchanges in other countries where it is not uncommon to find the price of Bitcoin offered at a smaller price often significantly less than what it is selling for at a larger exchange such as the top two or three in the U.S., at a higher price.

Also, the price of Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency can vary widely from one country to another. You just need the business infrastructure to buy in one country and sell in another.

The software is able to execute the 'buy' at one exchange / lower price, and instantaneously all within less than 1/10 of a second sell that same acquisition at a higher price through another exchange.

Remember... this program is not in the business of buying any cryptocurrency. IT MAKES MONEY FOR YOU ONLY ON THE TRADES WHICH AS I HAVE EXPLAINED THE IN AND OUT CAN TAKE LESS THAN 1/10TH OF A SECOND.

I could write 30 pages on this topic so I hope this brief explanation will suffice.

All of this happens because, and only because, the software does business, on the acquisition side, decentralized exchanges. Meaning it takes several moments for the blockchain to tell the world what the last purchase price was.

These "opportunities" happen many many times per day. All over the world. The blockchain never sleeps nor do the exchanges. It is indeed a 24/7/365 business with no human ever answering email or picking up the phone.

There is no human being at the 'cheat switch.' Everything is totally automated.

At the site you will discover very subtle examples of the tech genius behind all of this. The trained eye of a webmaster will pick up on many of these things. For example...

  • They show the total number of members in real time.
  • They show the total number of Bitcoins (not dollars) awarded to members as their 10% every 48 hour payments.
  • They show in real time the total number of Bitcoin paid in referral bonuses.
  • Again, these are not dollar figures. These are the number of Bitcoin paid, again verifiable on the blockchain.

Let's have some fun

I took the liberty of using my $1,000 balance of Bitcoin for this amazing example. So starting with $1,000 and compounding it every two days, here's what it looks like:

$1,000.00 x 1.1 = $1,100.00
$1,100.00 x 1.1 = $1,210.00
$1,210.00 x 1.1 = $1,331.00
$1,331.00 x 1.1 = $1,464.10
$1,464.10 x 1.1 = $1,610.51
$1,610.51 x 1.1 = $1,771.56
$1,771.56 x 1.1 = $1,948.72
$1,948.72 x 1.1 = $2,143.59 <- #8
$2,143.59 x 1.1 = $2,357.95
$2,357.95 x 1.1 = $2,593.74
$2,593.74 x 1.1 = $2,853.12
$2,853.12 x 1.1 = $3,138.43
$3,138.43 x 1.1 = $3,452.27
$3,452.27 x 1.1 = $3,797.50
$3,797.50 x 1.1 = $4,177.25
(end of first month with compounding)
(The 1.1 is the calculation for adding 10% to the running balance.)

Just look again at that last figure. This after 15 compounding events, meaning 30 days, and not even counting referral commissions because I will add that in along the way. And note the value of the account after the 8th compounding event... More than double.

I won't show you the calculations here but know this - the next 30 days equaling again 15 compounding events produces a new total value of my account in the amount of $17,750. Again totally ignoring any referral commissions.

Want to start with $500 just cut the numbers in half because the percentages remain the same.

Want to start with $250 in BTC? Divide the numbers by 4 because the percentages remain the same.

Want to take out your original 'seed'? Do it at compounding event #8, that's basically just two weeks from now and you'll start all over except using "house money." Smart and safe.


A quick lesson in arbitrage... When I wrote this letter for you, just a few days ago, I checked the price of Bitcoin in Tokyo. The last trade had just occurred at $14,111 per coin. At that EXACT same instant Bitcoin traded for $16,600 on Binance here in the U.S.

Suppose you had a friend in Tokyo who had an Exchange account in Japan. It is possible, and the transaction would be fraught with some challenges but using your money your friend could have purchased at $14,111. Transferring the purchase to your U.S. Exchange account, where you could have sold it, guess what, yes, you got it, for $16,600 if you were fast enough.

Listen, this stuff is very real. However it takes a company that is legally structured to own accounts all over the world and with an algorithm designed to find these temporary differences in prices. Then execute a purchase at one Exchange and simultaneously, all within less than 1/10th of a second, sell that acquisition at another Exchange.

If you like me are a U.S. citizen, by law we cannot even open Exchange accounts in a foreign country. In the real world we could in many instances but we would be breaking the law.

Let me repeat... There is absolutely nothing illegal about arbitrage trading, the opportunity exists only because most exchanges are decentralized. Meaning, for example, Japan is not connected with the U.S. The blockchain shows prices, however the blockchain takes 3-10 minutes to report the most recent purchase/sale.

Think of it this way. If you wanted to buy General Motors stock at the last closing price of $33.67. The entire world, every Exchange around the globe would immediately record the price you paid. The more of it you purchased the higher you would drive the price because every Exchange around the globe would see that sale price. ie; CENTRALIZED.

How long this technological loophole, remember it is not an illegal loophole, will last I do not know. That said, I fully intend to make hay while the sun shines.


If you would like support before or after you join, there is a 'chatbox' at the site. Not surprisingly, it was very busy. So it is therefore my hope, my goal, this letter will answer all of your questions.

The Deal

This company offers to pay an amazing 5% per day payable directly to your BTC wallet address. And this payment is automatically sent to your wallet address every 48 hours.

Important note: Do not lose sight of this tactic.

If you wish to compound your ROI, login to your wallet address at your exchange and take the BTC / money this company sends you every 48 hours and add it back to your account at this company. Otherwise you will be paid the 10% total every 48 hours only on the "original donation"... So compounded every 48 hours!

I think it was Benjamin Franklin, and therefore a very loose quote, said something like this: "The greatest financial invention ever is the magic of compounding."

It gets better...

Earn on 3 Levels

The company offers a 3-level referral program.

For everyone you refer to this program they will pay you 5% on your first level of every donation amount - not just the first time but every time - your referral adds to their account.

The company pays 3% on your second level. So say you refer Bill, he's on your first level. Bill refers Sam, he is on your second level and Bill's first level. And then get this...

The company pays 1% on your third level. Each time that person adds a 'donation' to their account.

Each level is unlimited width. So everyone you personally refer entitles you to the company's promised 5% every time anyone on your first line adds to their BTC account and so on and so on. Yes, this can happen, your referral commission, as often as every 24 hours when your referrals add their 10% ROI profit back to their account.

5% Level 1 | 3% Level 2 | 1% Level 3

Also, here's a huge plus... the company pays the referral bonuses every 24 hours! Let your imagination run a bit on this. I personally know a man, Ken, we have not met but have visited by phone many times. I was informed by my upline (this man) made $50k between his referral commissions and the 5% a day in just his first week. And this just before the "Restart."

For the techie types, payments made by this company can be verified on the blockchain, I personally examined this for my own edification and of course yours.

I hope you see why and how this can be very very lucrative. However I remind you to read carefully my advice paragraph below.

Highly Recommended

I highly recommend you use a totally new Exchange account to join this program. Sending money from it and receiving money sent to it.

Further, I recommend you join, and this also comes as a recommendation from the company, https://TrustWallet.com. The reason for this is because many exchanges become very nervous about fast money in and more particularly sending that money back out just as fast which you may want to do to receive compounding.

Last year I lost, it was closed, a professional exchange account. I felt the professional account, which allowed for larger sums, would be safe. Nevertheless the exchange still closed my account due to 'suspicious activity.' Sorry but it's a fact of life, here in the U.S. our regulatory laws governing U.S. exchanges impose serious obligations the exchange must adhere to, to prevent money laundering and other illegal activities. Hence big money in and big money out in a day or two is a warning sign for them.

So please take the extra step and set up a TrustWallet account. Otherwise down the road some time with this program, whatever exchange you use, very well may close your account due to 'suspicious activity.'

I realize setting up a separate Exchange account just for this deal is a P.I.A. However the world is changing and in order to profit from it you must stay up and current with these changes. You will find more and more companies and programs on the net are turning to "digital only" participation/payments.

So, if you wish, you may at your discretion use any Exchange account you now have, then switch to a TrustWallet later when this program starts to get serious.

No Exchange account yet? Then you might as well start with https://TrustWallet.com.

The last thing you want is to have your Exchange account suspended because of "Suspicious activity" as a result of you receiving BTC from this company every 48 hours and then immediately putting it back in. I can almost guarantee you this will happen with most Exchanges, but I'm told not TrustWallet.

Finally, if you are an ICAN Learn Auto Trade client do NOT do NOT, use the exchange account you set up for Auto Trade! As it will cause STAN (the algorithm) to become confused with your activity and cease operating.

Cost to Participate

Here's more good news:

You can join this program from any country. As you should be aware by now crypto currencies are not restricted to any geographic region of the world, it is global.

The cost to join is .0005 of a BTC. Right now that is equal to about $8 U.S.

Once you are a member obviously you begin earning the 5% per day in BTC automatically sent to your wallet every 48 hours meaning you receive 10% of your account balance every 2 days. And of course all referral commissions are paid directly to your wallet every 24 hours.

Here's my link to join and see the site:
Not to get hypey but some experts are projecting Bitcoin at $300k sometime in 2023, and some even believe we will see the day with Bitcoin at $1,000,000, per coin.



I opened my account with $1,000 equivalent in BTC. You can do more, you can do less.

The risks are slim. I understand the technology. I know it works. The program owners are transparent in what they do. I have seen big payments being sent to members.

However, I do strongly recommend, because of the two reasons I have very carefully pointed out, you deposit with this company what you can afford to lose in the worst case scenario.

And then... The very day your account reaches your initial donation amount, which can happen very fast as you can see from my example above, take out your original donation. Simply transfer it to your TrustWallet account so now you will be playing with 'house money.'

In fact, this is amazing, if you just compounded every 48 hours your ROI (ignoring any referral bonuses), your account will double... IN JUST UNDER 16 DAYS.

This way if as I've said the proverbial you-know-what hits the fan, you'll be safe and sound.

Personally I plan to let my $1k in BTC continue to roll over and over as I add to it every two days.

Actually from the referral commissions I could add to it every day if I wanted to.

Play with the math a little bit...

Just on the 5% a day it's amazing what can happen.

And please remember this.

It's vital you embrace what I'm about to say...


This is all about the new economic paradigm.

This is about using technology to make you money.

Unfortunately I think most people will have the attitude if it is too good to be true, it isn't.

Those are the exact same types of people who for centuries, truly centuries, have missed out on the 'next big thing' because they didn't think it was possible.

Here's my link to join and see the site while you are there:

Lastly, I have been told this company has been in business since 2018. However, they have just now and recently embraced and adopted these new high tech trading protocols and combined their program also with network marketing.

Mike G.

P.S. I stand to receive referral commissions if you join this program through my link, but I would not tell you about it if I didn't believe in it.