You Are About to Discover an Amazing, Powerful Yet Simple Mega Opportunity (In Fact 2 Powerful opportunities) Where You Can Work 100% From Your Phone and Make Fungola$...Even if you NEVER personally sponsor anyone!

All without having to speak to anyone... But if you do - Get ready For the Magic!

You can be one of the First people to join these amazing companies! (Both of these programs are available internationally.) But...

It won't stay Secret for long.


If you find yourself salivating for no apparent reason this might just be it!


Because of my insatiable curiosity, I just discovered a brand new networking company that is using the hottest technology for marketing. They make it easy for you to use with absolutely no technical knowledge required on your part and it has an amazing compensation plan to go along with it. I need to share this with you right now, no time to waste!

This is exactly the kind of thing you'd want to know about before anyone else found out about it right? This way YOU get to tell the world and YOU will clean up! It pays to be in the Elite First Mover Crowd (it's a small crowd).

You know how sometimes you feel compelled to do something?

It's as if your intuition or some inner guide is sending you a message from the future, saying, I'm so glad I joined that thing way back when, cause Now look at how Amazing your life is because you took action when you first saw it!

And then you sigh knowing, Ahhh, knowing that really was one of the best decisions you ever made! ;))

- First, The Company is Open Worldwide. Join from any country but texting your prospects is just for your U.S. marketing campaigns. In other words, the auto-responder text message sent to your prospect or customer will not be sent internationally, ie; that is a long distance phone call/text and because of cost not built into the system... SO ADVERTISE IN THE U.S. ONLY!

- Second, no one can get hurt because the tax-deductible cost is so small to get involved and it's so easy to show people because this company gives you pre-made sales funnels that really do all the work for you, amazing, no extra charge! (Check with your tax advisor, we are not licensed to consult on tax matters).

No Time to Read- Skip everything and join here RIGHT NOW!

Tip: The faster you join, the higher up you are placed, a huge advantage


There are two main streams of income available to you.


You can choose either one or both, of course you would agree, we are involved in MLM {A.K.A.} Network Marketing to earn money; therefore, you now have the chance and choice to double up on your potential income with this innovative new company.


The first part is a simple 3 x 10 "Front-End" company designed as a Funnel System for the second part, the Text Based Advertising 3 x 10 Forced Matrix company.


The Front-end company is designed to Automate The Process with a simplified sign-up process.


Simply enter your credit card to join, drive some traffic to one of the premade sales funnels, and earn a monthly income. Free with 3 people on your front line and You Can Earn Great Profit from building a team.


This first company is also a 3x10 forced matrix! You earn from the efforts of those people above you and the people below you up to 10 levels deep - you really do not need to sponsor anyone to earn! However... being a proactive marketer, which you can easily become with this unique feeder matrix/opportunity, will enhance your earnings multi-fold!


A Note From Matrix Empire
Feb 27, 2023

We regret to inform you that we have lost our merchant account, and despite our diligent efforts to rectify the situation, Stripe has not provided us with any explanation for their decision to add us to their restricted list. However, we want to assure you that everyone will still have lifetime access to our platform, and all the features will still be available for use.

Please note that there will be no new commissions created, but if you are owed commissions and have submitted your W9/W8, you will receive them as soon as the funds are released. Stripe is also holding funds, and we are waiting for their release.

If you are owed commissions and have not submitted your W9/W8, please send it to to be added to the list for commission payout.

If you no longer wish to use Matrix Empire, please email and request a refund for your February payment, which we will process as soon as the funds are released.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused and have learned valuable lessons about merchant accounts and program naming conventions. We believe that the name "MATRIX" may have triggered the restrictions.

If you are interested in marketing other programs such as We Got Friends or LiveGood and utilizing our free digital business card called TADA, you can create an account by clicking the link provided. With Powerline Hub, you can offer the digital business card for free in exchange for people watching your videos. Simply, add MATRIX EMPIRE COMP, so we can waive the $25 monthly fee.

Thank you for your understanding.



We start with the Front-end Appetizer Opportunity which leads into Program Number 2, The Main Course. {See Below}


Now, the Main Company - #2!


Get Ready, Get Set, Join…


- If you are like me, you have been Dreaming of Explosive Open Rates like this all your life!

-You will get as much as a 97% open rate within minutes!

The other 3% are either asleep, driving or maybe their cell phone is dead and needs recharging; but they will see your message as soon as they Wake Up or Pull Over!

-You Get Big Money. Potentially lots and lots of REALLY Big Money! ;)) You'll see that in the video…

I beg you, not for myself but for yours to watch the video! Discover how you can profit up to 10 levels deep in their remarkable 3x10 forced matrix and exactly what this means. The graphic matrix illustrated at the site will fill out showing your 3x10 as it grows.

-You Don't Have to Sponsor Anyone, but if you do, You Get Even More Money!

-You Get Your Own Exclusive 800 Number set up for you. (You Get to pick part of the 800 number to customize it...)

-You Get Unlimited Keywords.

-You can set up Your Automated System for unlimited companies and or products.

-No Contracts.

-This company will be your "Go to Tool" to promote this and or ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT!


-A product that goes Way beyond just Marketers. You Can go to ANY business, and they can use it to increase Their business incomes, market reach, and brand awareness - all at the same time!




SMS Marketing (also known as Short Message Service marketing) is a tool used by businesses to send promotional text messages to their customers. I know you have seen them like, "Text Free Pizza" to 555-555-5555.

This is perfect for sending customers product updates, special offers, or event invitations.

The most important part of SMS marketing is that customers will opt themselves in to receive your messages.

A great way to get customers to opt-in is to hold a "Text to Win" campaign, giving away a product via mobile scratchers or a Text referral feature.

SMS marketing is simply the most effective way to build an audience and generate more revenue.

We will teach you all of this and more…




You Also Get a Ton of Marketing and Training:

-You Get 5 Done-For-You Video Capture Pages.

-You Get Training Videos You Can Watch on Your Own Time.

-You Get a Great Telegram Group for Free Help.

-You Get "The Hottest New Marketing Method of All Time"! Cell phones are here to Stay!

-You Get a Free Position in The Company Rotator to Bring You New Business and Sales Automatically! This is huge, not to be taken for granted or overlooked.



You Get A Simple and EASY Compensation Plan.

-It's easy to understand.

-A Simple 3 by 10 Follow Your Sponsor Forced Matrix.

-No Sponsoring Required.

-You get a $40 Per Person Fast Start Bonus on Anyone You Personally Sponsor giving Everyone Incentive to build.

-You get a Top Position in the Company Force Filled 3 by 10 Matrix.

- Monthly commissions on your entire downline whether you sponsored or your upline sponsored them - watch the video!

- You Get paid whether You do the Sponsoring or Spillover places people in your matrix.

- Your cost is Free with 3 people on your front line.

- You Can Earn on ALL 10 Levels with No Sponsoring.

-The only qualification is that you pay your monthly fee. (It is not deducted from your commissions.)

(all costs and compensation details are in the videos)

-You get Amazing New Technology that lets you build any business you want, personal or clients or both!

Personally I'll be using this program for ICAN Auto Trade seminar dates and creation, I wish I had thought of this.



Simplify Your Life.

-You will have an easier marketing setup than ever before.

-You can start a new campaign anytime you want.

-You can have Unlimited Campaigns.

-You can set up unlimited drip messages… Until they Buy or Die!

-You can set up businesses and charge them whatever you want. Just manage their 800# auto text messages to their customers or prospects... I'm not kidding when I say this is hot, Hot HOT!



This Is Your Follow Up System Simplified.

-You get SMS and MMS to.

-SMS is Short Message Service a.k.a. "Texting".

-MMS means Multi Media Service, that means Pictures and or videos in your texts.

-You Get 500 SMS Credits per month; More Rollover Credits available at Awesome Discounts as you grow.

-You also get The Lowest Price per SMS Text in the Entire SMS Industry!



You Have Probably Asked Yourself This Very Question:

What makes this SMS, MMS, Texting company so special?

Here's why…

- You are positioned at the perfect time. (High up in the Matrix) The company only started a few short weeks ago!

- 97% of text messages are read within the first 1 to 3 minutes, no one disputes this fact, You grow your business with text messages!

- There is Nothing "Techie" you have to learn like with other companies, and their utterly confusing programs.

- The average American is on their phone 23 hours per week!


- That's 1 Entire day's worth of time each week! Doubt this? Start keeping track of how much time you are on YOUR smartphone.

- The plan is the simplest in the industry and is designed to get you on the fast track to living a new and prosperous life.

- You Get Everything You need to start earning money immediately, I mean like RIGHT NOW.

- The System does the work for You! Set up is simple, fun, and easy with support just one email away.

- We help You turn Your prospects into customers, and You keep the money! We do not share in your NEW profits, it's all yours.

- Your Residual income is so important to work towards that we help You earn it.

-We teach You how to get Traffic.

-Plus, much, much, more...

Even if you don't have much time and are not business or tech savvy, no worries…

This can still work for you!

Our team is here to help you achieve your goals.




- You Get How to Win on YouTube.

- You Get How to Win on Tik Tok.

- You Get How to Win on Craigslist.

- You Get How to Win on Facebook.


All tools you are welcome to use for any business, not just this company.

There is no starter kit to buy, no inventory to maintain, no samples to send, no selling, no asking your friends to buy things, and no quotas to maintain, nothing to put in your garage- except maybe a new sports car from all the money you'll be making! ;))

So many people are looking for a way to secure financial freedom more than ever before, especially now with Inflation and a Recession happening and you know it's likely going to get worse!

You get the phone number of everyone your auto responder text goes to.

This is the opportunity You have searched for and finally found!

Seriously, Do this Right Now and Lock in the Good Life!


Any questions? Do not email me please. Here is the support email:

This really is one you will want to join as soon as possible!

Joining this now has the potential to earn you 10 times the average Americans' salary EVERY MONTH!

There is SO much more to tell you. But I'll leave that for the short videos on the website to explain. The first video is about 7-minutes and then the second one is about 6-minutes.

Like they say, a picture is worth 1000 words. Well, pictures and videos are worth a book's worth of words in much less time than that!



Take Action Now! Join Fast. You are going to LOVE this!

See you on the team. ;))

Any questions? Please use this support email:

Important note after you join/ Critical sign up Item:

Because this company is brand new, they are still in the process of making edit changes and other corrections. So please excuse any typos etc. , and remember you are first at bat.

After you join put your page 4 (you will see it at your site), the one that markets only this program, in this Telegram group to be part of the company rotator. A great freebie for your promotions!

This is item #4 in your instructions

Also, you will get a separate email with your login instructions.

Mike G

Doing my best to be my best.

I may earn commissions by recommending this program, but I would not recommend it if I didn't sincerely believe it can work for you.




Also recommended you do this after joining each of these programs.


Doing this will allow people you sponsor into one to just join the other from the back office.


Or of course you can just give your prospects each of your "join" links. But doing this will simplify the joining process for your prospects.


There is a brand-new section in the back office of TextALN that you will need to fill in with your Landing Page number 1 from the matrix empire.


{Your Username Should replace this example}



To find your Marketing pages click on “Marketing” on the left menu then “*Categories” at the Bottom to see the various pages available to you. There are many.


This will enable people to enroll from the primary company, TextALN, directly into your Matrix Empire downline.


So, first, log into the Matrix Empire back office and grab your “Landing page #1 link”. This is the page that has the videos that explains everything but without them needing to opt-in, since they are finding out from within your TextALN member’s area!


Then log into TextALN and paste that link into your “Profile” page under “My Account” on the upper left. It is the sixth box down, then click “SAVE CHANGES”. You Must Save Changes!


You can see on the left side menu at the very bottom inside your TextALN member’s area it will say get the Matrix Empire. You can see an example by clicking on that link. You should go to a new page that shows My landing page number 1 for Matrix Empire. You will not see your own site there because you are in your member's area where I am your Upline sponsor. But when your people click that same button, they will see You as their sponsor.


You can also do something similar in reverse. Take your "Username" only from TextALN and paste that into the box in the Matrix Empire members area under "My Account" and then "My Profile", it will say “TextALN Username”. Paste your "TextALN Username" there and click SAVE CHANGES. Now, when a member of yours starts in the Matrix Empire they have your link back to TextALN if they so choose to do both programs.





One Final Important note


To see the entitre site, use a PC as it is all visable from a Cell Phone like this topic:


I just copied directly from the FAQ under the Training tab in the Matrix Empire back office but applies to each program:


Q: When will payouts start?


A: December 15th and then the 15th of every month.



Q: Is There a minimum payout?


A: Yes, a $45 minimum commission will be required to get paid out.



Q: How will I be paid?


Live in the United States
A1: You will get paid by direct deposit.
A2: If you don't have a bank account then you can order a prepaid card to get your deposits sent to


Live outside the United States?
A: You will be paid via Bitcoin



Q: Will my monthly $45 subscription be taken out of my commission?


A: No, you will always need to have a Credit Card on file.



Q: I have people in my matrix but my commission is showing $0, where is my commission?


A: Commissions are calculated on the 1st of the month. You will see how much is due to you on the 1st of every month.



Q: Is there roll-up or is there compression in the Matrix?


A: In the event of a spot opening up with people under it, the system will automatically move those people up to fill the holes on the 1st of the month.



Q: What size should my profile picture be??


A: 500 x 375 and it must be a JPG (clear your cache after uploading to see your photo)



Q: Can the sponsor fill up the empty spots?


A: In the event of a spot opening up with people under it, you will have the option to fill that spot by sending in the information of the new member that will take that spot. You can send the information as per below. Perfect for a close friend if for some reason a member under you cancels and leaves a "paying" position open. "It Happens"


-Canceled Members Username

New Members:

- Email

- Name

- and username, as they need to have an account to be moved up to the vacated paying position. Support can help you with this .