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  • From: Mike Glaspie

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Mike G


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Presented by: Mike G


Thank you for visiting us! You are about to learn all about a new technology, a new way - I should know, I developed it - of promoting just one program that's free to join, that is, well, let's just say amazingly powerful.

Let me tell you how it works. But first...

My name is Michael T Glaspie, they call me Mike G on the Internet. If you care to search more about me I recommend you start with then and finally, and these are just a few that will help you understand more about me,

To my knowledge, and I am told this, I am the only person in the world who has put more than 10,000 people in a network marketing program and that is directly sponsored people. Not downlines, the downline was much, much larger in that program. I am then told I am the only person to put over 5,000 people into a network marketing program and I did that twice. I hold three world records and I did it all by email.

Know this: As part of your free membership in this prestigious one-of-a-kind club we will frequently hold meetings, webinars, and teleconferences about new programs that we are selecting and, more importantly, how to market those programs even though as a member of this club marketing is merely an afterthought, let me show you why I say that.

This club is a 2 x 14 forced matrix

Now listen. I want you to understand that I am not stuck on just one Internet marketing service, I believe this... Fall in love with your customer and offer your customer what they want. Not the other way around like most people do. And when you adopt this philosophy, this mindset, and have a passion for it, there is nothing that could ever stop you of achieving your goals... nothing. I am a living, breathing, proof of that.

When you join you will be given a link and a back office so that you may invite others to join this no-cost ever program. And build your downline 14 levels deep. That's 14 levels of people underneath you. And each level is twice as wide as the one above it. For example, your level number one has two people on it, your level number two has four people on it, your level number three has eight people on it, and so on and so on. For a total of 32,766 people. All working for you. I repeat, it is essential that you grasp this concept, all of these people in your downline ultimately will be working for you, and not only build a membership database at but gets this (and this is a clue as to where we are going together in a few moments with all programs that we select and recommend!)

A forced matrix means that there are never any holes, spots, if someone drops out every month we do what is called a compression and that vacated spot is replaced with a person under and everyone shifts up. This is cool! This is powerful! This is needed for an effective well-managed network marketing opportunity.

Plus, you'll automatically get the name and email of anyone who signs up under you!

Automatic roll over

And get this... When you fill your matrix, and trust me when I tell you that filling a matrix in a 2 by 14 with an awesome no cost to join program is the easiest marketing that you'll ever do. More on that in a few minutes.  You start a brand new 2 by 14 matrix you are at the top again.  And you can build as many of these you as you want.

Here is the juicy part

Our 2 by 14 matrix was designed intentionally so that it can be modified to serve virtually any kind of Network Marketing company compensation plan.  In other words, we can mold it to accommodate a one by three or two by six or straight line, I don't need to get technical with all the various types of programs that are available but rest assured when we select a new company the real juicy part -

Every person in your direct downline at InvitationToJoin when we select, endorse or recommend, will automatically be placed in your new downline at the new recommended company.  This is powerful and it works.

I know this, I developed this concept, and it was so successful I kept my mouth shut about it and put it on the shelf for a perfect time and that time is now and here is why... 

I'm sure you noticed that the world is changing.  It is projected by the end of 2018 90% of all Internet traffic will come from a smart phone.  People today can go on the World Wide Web and easily become involved in Internet Marketing with nothing more than the purchase a smart phone. And a smart phone is so reasonable these days with basic credit you can get one from most suppliers, with nothing down, just sign a contract that you will pay your telephone bill for X number of months and the phone is yours. 

People are doing this by the millions everyday all over the world. In fact smartphones are outselling PCs and laptops twelve to one! See It takes a while to load because the data is live and there is a lot of it. But see the bottom couple of rows of info.

Chances are you are like me - that when we got on the Internet, we went out and bought an expensive PC or laptop and paid an ISP an additional monthly fee just so we could go online.  Those days are quickly coming to an end.  Now you might wonder why I spent so much time telling you all of this. It is simply because this is the most important thing to have happened in our business world ever.  And nothing ever grew so fast and has been accepted so broadly as smart phone technology. By the way you do NOT need a smartphone to be a member.

Smart phones are outselling PCs and laptops 12-to-1 on a daily basis.  And there's no end in sight.

And there's something new that makes all of this the perfect time...  It is projected also by the end of 2018 the Internet will triple in size.  Triple!  No other industry has achieved such tremendous growth and its due exclusively to the low cost involved in becoming an Internet marketer. Joining the World Wide Web now is as simple as getting a smartphone. And that is why I say regardless of what program you're looking at becoming involved in, if it does not have something to do with the smart phone I beg of you, just do NOT join it. (Note: You do not need to have a smartphone to join us because we are all about serving that burgeoning marketplace with everything we do and every program we select.)

Why spend your money, your time, promoting, working, building a business, only to see it crash and burn because, (I kid you not, a fair and friendly warning) it won't be long and everything will become obsolete if it is not servicing the billions of people who are engaged on the Internet by smart phones.

The programs we select

When we select a new program which we will do two, three, maybe more but probably not, with a maximum of four times a year, that program will be an inexpensive one to join.  It has to be. Most people coming online these days, come online because of the low cost of a smartphone.

We have to match the demographics.  The programs we select need to be in line and keeping with this philosophy.  And, over the years I have become an expert at selecting the right program, I know what to look for, I know what to avoid.  There are many pitfalls out there and reasons that companies go belly up.  My job, my role as the CEO of is to select only those programs anyone can afford and those programs that are rock solid, legally and financially, so they will be here for a long time.

Build Wealth

Why?  Because that's how you build wealth.  Multiple streams of income.  To have several sources from which you receive monthly checks or automatic deposits to your account.

This is cool stuff

Now you might be wondering, so what?  This is just like any other MLM club...  Perish those thoughts!

When I send you an invitation sometime in the future and I recommend company XYZ to you, and tell you all about XYZ, and I invite you to a webinar to learn from the head honchos, what the company is all about and that company fits all the parameters of what I look for, (and in fact must have before it is adopted and endorsed).

I will also remind you that if you do not join, everyone in your matrix at who does join will simply bypass you.  You'll be out!  But if you join during the period/ window of opportunity, which will be in most cases a three week window, everyone in your direct downline and your upline who also joins will automatically stay either in your upline or in your downline. Hence, I encourage you, beg you, implore you, to promote only and this is why...

I already have the matrix built.  When you join from the secured join page you will receive a Welcome e-mail that will give you access to the back office, marketing tools, and more importantly data you need to see on the number of people joining this program under you.  If you are their direct sponsor you'll also have their name and contact information, that's just a fair way to do things.

And make no mistake

And make no mistake about this - Any new program we recommend will be joined by an amazing a number of people who are members of  They are people who will not want to lose out on all of those people under them.  And it doesn't matter what level under them, because after the opportunity window closes, we will build your new matrix at the new company with everyone who has joined and you'll see that they are under the same people who brought them in at, including you. So people join under their original sponsor at and no one loses their downline! It's powerful!

The ITJ Marketplace: Make Money Just by Joining, and by Making your own Personal Purchases and Sales!

With our exclusive "Marketplace," you earn money one of two ways.

First, if the product or service is a single, one time sale, then all you have to do to make money is have someone, anywhere in your Direct 2x14 matrix downline, purchase or sell a product or service! YOU never have to purchase anything. You never even have to sell anything yourself!

Just build your downline! And you get paid automatically and forever, on any sales made by anyone in your free Direct downline!

But note that if the product or service has a recurring payment element (a monthly subscription for example), then in order to earn commissions from your downline's activity, you must also either make a purchase or a personal sale of that product or service. This benefits YOU because it encourages and entices members in your Direct downline to also make purchases and sales, and thus increases YOUR commissions as well!

Plus, earn even more with the Exclusive ECO Matrix! (A bonus matrix side by side with your ITJ Matrix!)

Build your free-to-join downline right now. Don't waste another minute! With our new BONUS ECO-Matrix (Extra Commission Opportunity Matrix), you can earn EVEN MORE with any products and services offered in the ITJ Marketplace.

The ECO-Matrix is ANOTHER 2x14 matrix which sits alongside the standard ITJ matrix.

Check this out... anytime you make any sale through the Marketplace, OR a recurring payment is made on one of the sales you make, you get a new and free position in the bonus matrix. This can happen once, twice, five, a hundred times, a thousand times or more! Every position you have pays you everytime someone else in your downline makes any sales as well. There aren't any monthly requirements either. It all happens automatically and forever! Every single sale you make gets you a new position!

And note that I'm NOT talking about you making a purchase yourself, but making a sale ... of anything! You NEVER have to purchase anything or pay any fee EVER to earn with InvitationToJoin!

Think about it for a moment... At any time, anyone in your downline purchases something, whether you sponsored that person, or someone else in your upline or downline did, you get paid! Again and again!

You need to build your downline as soon as you can because it is your free downline, when they make a sale or even purchase if they choose (but not required), you get paid!

This can get HUGE for you! Join and watch it happen!

Many businesses

I have built many successful businesses online and off and over the years I have learned one thing.  Network Marketing is indeed a profitable way of distributing goods and services and receiving commissions for doing so and sharing commissions with others who are on your team.

Rich DeVos and Jay VanAndel, back in 1959, started all of this. They paved the way for us today.  In fact, before the advent of the dot com industry and the new wave of billionaires created by our industry, Mr. DeVos and Mr. VanAndel, cofounders of Amway, were listed among the top 10 wealthiest men in the U.S. I'm proud to tell you Amway is an acronym for the American way and that, my friend, is the business we are in and you and I should be and need to be proud of it.

And it is so easy now because of three things:

One, - promote one program free and earn commissions. Then let us persuade and enroll your downline into the newly recommended company and they will automatically be placed under you.

Two, the absolute explosive growth of the Internet.  Please, no matter what you do, don't ignore this opportunity.  The timing is perfect.

Three, what is called "The Exponential Technological Age." As humans through our developmental history we have gone through, beginning of course way back with the Stone Age all the way up and through and including the industrial revolution, the information age, and now the age is "The Exponential Technological Age" and that means this... 

Technology is expanding and accelerating at a faster rate than the year before! What has changed this year from last year to begin with more improvements, more opportunities, more of everything, is better now and everything next year.  And the same the following year, but more of it and so on.  You get the idea?  Exponential!

BRAND NEW! Now, promote your membership with you very own customizable ITJ mini-mobile website and Smart Phone app!

It's like 1996 all over again. You see, back then people would ask 'What is a website?' and 'Why do I need a web site?' Today the same thing is happening with apps but like everything else, public adoption is happening at lightening speed unlike any other new product ever has. And now, for the first time, you can have your very own complete InvitationToJoin App which your friends, customers, prospects etc can download right on their phone! (This is an exclusive offer only available through your membership with ITJ and is just a meager $14.95 per month option!)

When Apple approved our app, they told us, by phone, which, by the way, is something they never do, that our app is "the best mobile marketing and communications app" they ever approved. I imagine that's because they'd never seen anything like it!

We have combined the power of social media, mobile marketing, targeted advertising and communications into one, extremely powerful, and more importantly, effective, Mobile Marketing Platform. You see, we have incorporated the necessity of social media into our platform, and now, you won't have to beg his/her prospects and customers to "download my app," (which is what EVERYONE has to do now... It's the one downside of mobile marketing in the traditional sense).

As Easy as "Follow Me!"

Now, thanks to the ingenuity of the Silent Salesman Mobile Marketing Platform, you only need to invite your prospects and or customers to simply "follow me" on your "ICAN Connect Us" social media app!

Due to the tremendous popularity of social media, this is removes all the typical resistance in trying to get prospects to subscribe to email lists and other opt in services! Then, once your prospects/customers become SUBSCRIBERS, you can easily reach them 24/7 for any announcements, news flashes, menu changes, sales, promotions... you get the picture.

No longer does you have to rely on the increasingly ineffectiveness of email, or worry about losing customers due to Spam SMS text messages. You can now immediately reach out to every single subscriber, and put any desired message exactly where it will get the best "bang for the buck"... right on their smartphone!

By combining our new and innovative social media total app, and presence with our unparalleled "Mini Mobile Website" (which, get this, comes already set up to promote ITJ, but can easily be customized and changed to promote ANYTHING you want), we have created the IDEAL Mobile Marketing Platform which you can now use to promote your InvitationToJoin business, or ANY business or businesses you wish!

A Full $6 Commission!

And what's more... you'll earn a full $6 per month commission for anyone you refer to the InvitationToJoin program who also purchases the optional ITJ mini-mobile website and Smart Phone app! Imagine your membership in ITJ generating monthly commissions immediately and for a ready made, ready-to-go smart phone app that every member will need and want! Incredible!

You simply must join this program

The first opportunity that I select for everyone's involvement will have that three week window of opportunity to join and you'll see, I promise you, in your genealogy - in your downline and in your upline - at will join in that program. 

Big news...

That doesn't mean you stop marketing  You just continue on with it!  Because about three months later all the new people who have joined under you will also be invited to join that same first new program, then the next one, and then the next one, and so on.

That's why I say two, three, maybe four new programs a year will be selected.  It's because about every three months as grows the proper sequence of opportunity will be offered to all new members, again!

Reading between the lines

I hope you have been reading between the lines and you realize what I have built here.  Unless you choose to, it will no longer be necessary to independently market any new program that I select to offer you.  I will do all of the marketing for you to all new members at, and I will continue to do so and build this business for you.  You of course are welcome to join any other program you choose investing your Time Energy & Resources, that's up to you. I'm not asking you to embrace only this program but I am cautioning you: you must belong to InvitationToJoin.

And marketing is so simple with this little-known yet powerful free marketing method!

This video can be customized just for your personal marketing! Tap or click here to see how.

You will see amazing things happen just using our signature file in all of your e-mail that you'll find in your BackOffice that you append to any e-mail you reply to or initiate, just using that as your only method of marketing, or using it as the only ad you ever use to build your database for you. 

Want to see the SIG file? Here it goes, and this may look familiar to you:

Amazing New Program. Join Free and Get Paid!
We Are Changing The Net One Person at a Time.
Will You Be Next?
Tap or click here (your link)

Pretty cool, huh? That's it. That says it all.

All I ask of you is this - in exchange for your commitment, I will give you mine, which is - I will put my heart and soul, my passion and determination, my resources and my checkbook, all behind the efforts required to build this company for you.

If you simply, when I make a suggestion for a company you should join, you realize that you owe it to your up line and you owe it to your downline to join that program.  They of course know this also.

Please, you must realize, over the years I have created dozens of new ways of doing things online.  This is the program that will forever change the way Internet Marketing is done.

Don't beat your head against the wall anymore

Why beat your head against the wall?  I know how to do this stuff, I'll write all the sales copy, I have the technology, I have the resources, I have the staff, (even my CTO has a PhD in IT!), you simply go to work putting people in at no cost, which frankly is like giving candy to a baby, into and I promise you, I commit to you, I will take it from there.


Mike G

Michael T. Glaspie "Mike G"
Net Marketers Call Me Their "Secret Weapon!"

P.S. When you join you will receive a welcome letter with your marketing link along with access to your back office. Allowing you to contact your direct sponsored members and watch your downline grow right now - no cost!

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Presented by: Mike G

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